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Our Vent Info is, port 26180, PW wireless1856.
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Our Vent Info is, port 26180, PW wireless1856.
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New Member Ranking System/Open Officer Positions

TesslaCrucia, Apr 25, 11 9:33 PM.
Hi everyone!
As you may have noticed, we've restructured the guild ranking system for members. Members can choose to remain at the rank of "member" or can request to promote to a member division. Each member division has one officer and two officer's assistants.

Raid Division
Wish you could finish those dungeon quests, get that piece of gear, and have fun with guildies too? Members interested in dungeon grouping and raiding content may want to join this division. The Division Head is Zuse. If you'd like to assist the Division Head, contact Zuse. To join this division, contact Tessla or any Elder or Division Head.

Rifting Division
Enjoy the fast paced thrill of running from rift to rift in a massive wave, overpowering foes and reaping the xp and planarite rewards? This is the division for you! The Division Head is Urungus. (Urungus- you're the Man!) If you'd like to assist Urungus or have any questions about this division, contact Urungus. To join this division, contact Tessla, Furanku, or any Elder of Division Head.

Crafting Division
Are you addicted to the loom? Gotten a tan from working so much at the forge? Spend so much time at the laboratory that people are calling you Dr. Frankenstein? Wish you had a simpler way to trade for mats you need? Crafting Division could be the home for you! Members in the crafting division trade mats to help each other level professions, offer their wares for sale to guildies for reasonable prices, and make sure members' crafted item needs can be met. There is currently no division head. If you are interested in heading up the crafting division, please contact Tessla, Furanku, or one of the other division heads.

PvP Division
Love the thrill of defeating those Guardians alongside fellow defiants? This division welcomes you! There is currently no division head. If you'd like to head the PvP division, or simply want to join up, contact Tessla, Furanku, or other division heads.

Ranking System/Guild Heirarchy Changes

TesslaCrucia, Apr 24, 11 9:28 PM.
Hello everyone! It's an exciting time to be playing Rift! Our numbers are steadily growing and activities are going strong.
We're making some changes to our guild structure. Some of the ranks will be changing. In a later blog, I'll give specifis as to who is filling which role. The new officer roles will be:
ELDER- Serves as an advisor to other officers; second in command when the Leader is absent. Assists officers when needed.
CRAFTING OFFICER- A Senior Officer, the crafting officer is a crafting madman who helps guildies get what they need and trade mats and other crafted items between each other. This officer will manage the Resources page of the web site and encourage guildies to list their profs under member notes on the roster. 
RAID OFFICER- A Senior Officer, the raid officer organizes dungeon/raid groups, schedules dungeon/raid events on the calendar, and manages these events. The Raid Officer also manages raid/quest drop items that could be useful to other guildies. 
RIFT ORGANIZER- A Senior Officer, the rift organizer schedules and manages rift party events, answers member questions about planarite and sourceshards, etc.
MEMBER LIAISON- Member liaisons are Senior Members who assist the Leader in recruiting new members and answering new players' questions. They also remind people of scheduled events and direct new members to apply to the guild website.
Thanks everyone!

-Tessla, Leader

Message to our New players

furanku, Apr 24, 11 2:28 PM.
Hello everyone Fu here.

We have in the past 3 days gotten so many new members that our guild count is now around 200 players!Also a lot of players who just started (including myself) last week during the 3 day trial have now been hitting L30! So Congruatlations to everyone how has hit L30 or will soon hit it.

Here is a Tip of the Day (I'll start doing this if I can).

If you are a Crafter, and you want to show everyone what you can craft just hit [ P ] and look at your General Skills, from here look at for example [ Outfitting ] now before pressing anything hit [ Enter ] and than Hold [ Shift ] and Left Click [ Outfitting ] and hit [ Enter ] this will link your Outfitting level and what you can make. ^_^ Pretty easy yea?

In other news; Lots of Invasion have been going on so take heed and go out and fight! Rank up those Crystals and Rifting Points for better gear!

Guild Elder.

Guild News

furanku, Apr 23, 11 10:27 AM.
Last Night around 8:30 pm EST we held our first Guild Rifting Festivity. We had a turn out of 15 individuals who joined the Raiding party as we began in Freemarch. We then headed throughout Freematch to Iron Fortress where we did our first Majior Rift. It crumbled in 1 minute and 53 seconds. We did a little more through Freematch but the group felt it was time to do hit Stonefield. However, the zone had no rifts in it, for some reason, and we began removing Footholds and slaughter enemies until a Rift Opened up. Fortunately, for us, it was only a few minutes. We spent the next hour in Stonefield and as more people left and joined the Raiding party we moved over to the Scarlet Gorge and crushed rifts after another until 10:00 pm est.

We would like to thank everyone who turned out last night, and we hope to hold these events more often if we can. Furthermore, 30ish people would join us last night. Here is a special come to you all.

Guild Elder

Guild Recuirtment Advertisement

furanku, Apr 22, 11 3:34 PM.

Guild Advertisement

This was created and donated by Fuism Gaming.

Furanku: I hope everyone likes the advertisment and I hope it can help us find new members. Let us all enjoy the game together!

4-22-11 : I am in the middle of putting together a template for the sunken treasure found in [Lake of Solace] and will put together a series of pictures and locations to each spot. I hope this will help our new players out in finding gear.

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